Something to Look Into

I know with all that is going on in politics today and the amount of work that I have to complete by the end of the semester, it is very difficult at times to “weed out” what may be worth watching.  Well, there have been stories running on some of the cable news networks (well CNN and MSNBC) about a court case that is being decided called  NET NEUTRALITY.  It may not get the attention of the Citizen’s United decision  (….decided that  big corporations have the right to give as much money as they want to our politicians without disclosing who gave the money), but it has an even more power effect.   I am by no way a lawyer, so I can not get into the “legalese” of it, but to make a long court case short:  communication companies want to become internet gatekeepers and sell rights to really really fast internet speed.  The problem of course is that some people who have internet sites may not be able to buy  really really fast internet speed, and therefore would by pure economics have a disadvantage on how fast and timely their information gets out.   This would create a “teired” system  dictating which companies, people, interest groups, activists, etc. can get their information out in a timely manner.  What if you don’t have cash at all?    Imagine how this will affect our every day lives, and the information that we have access to?  How will this effect the information that our children have access to?  What about non for profit groups?  This is worth reading up on.


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