My name is Cybil Moore. I am currently a doctoral candidate at the Indiana Univeristy of Pennsylvania.   Since I was 18 years of age I have worked with children that the world would consider “at risk.”  I only know them as children who need a little extra support to branch out in the world.  I have worked in rural and urban areas as a prevention specialist, public school teacher, child care director, and college faculty. My heart, however, remains  in community development. 






The Blessing of Faith

My faith in Christ has played the most significant role in my life.  I try daily to show my faith through actions.  Through helping those who are in need, visiting those who are sick and shut-in, communicating with those in prison, and praying for all mankind is critical to my life in Christ. It is through the “least of these” that I have found inspiration in my own life.  In the furture, I hope to do missionary work both nationally and abroad. 

The Beautiful Blessing of Family

   This is my family!  I am so very blessed to have the three most greatest people so close to me. They are my inspiration. My husband, must be the most supportive husband ever given to a wife. His love for me is unfailing. I thank God for him daily.  Amara, my daughter, now in kindergarten is my firstborn. She is quite a girl!  Much like her mother, she is strong willed and full of spirit! She loves life.  Her younger brother Jason, now going through his “terrrible two’s” is a sweetheart. He is already showing the gentleness of his father.  Next to God, they are everything to me.



In Memory of My Dad 

When I was 5, my father passed. It was sudden, and it was painful.  But, he left wonderful memories. One such memory was an old 8-track.  At that time Christian music was evolving.  The 1960’s hippies were now known as “Jesus Freaks,” and began to sing the first form of contemporary christian music. Nancy Honeytree was one of my father’s favorite.  She was unique and sincere….like him.  My mother and I met Nancy  for the first time about 6 years ago.  She was as we always imagined.  She sang like an angel.  We shared our story of how her music spoke to us for our father. The song is one of encouragement.  Inspiration.



Within the last few years my husband and I have become much more politcally active. We support the agenda of our President, who we believe wants to push the country into the full realization of a constitutional representative democracy!  

Come back from time to time to see current speeches from our Presdient, Barack Hussein Obama!






4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. That was a great idea to put the Obama speech in the blog. I heard there were some school that wouldn’t allow the kids to hear it because they didn’t have a text of the speech first…makes me wonder???

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